Some fingers pressed the base of the glans penis to one side,Massage from top to bottom can stimulate blood transfer to the testicular pathway,Massage once before sleep for a long time.Since the groin is an important pathway that carries blood to the testis and still connects to the nerve endings,Massage on this spot can promote sexual function.

Above is Bian Xiao’s introduction to how long sexual intercourse lasts and how long it allows people to live.I hope it can help everyone stay healthy during sex.11. When entering the sauna,Use warm water in the shower to promote liver detoxification,When leaving the sauna,Use purified water or warm water in the shower,To clean sweat.

Lying on the ground,Place the foam roller under the thigh,The two forearms and right foot touch the ground,Used to keep the body stable,Mainly the left thigh touches the foam shaft.The body exerts force to move the foam shaft back and forth between the knee and crotch of the left leg.Then change the right leg to practice.

A pair of fingers press each side of the root of the genitals,Pressing from top to bottom can enhance blood flow to the egg-egg pathway,Often press it every night before resting.Because the groin is the key 上海按摩 pathway for delivering blood to the egg and connecting the nerves,Pressing on this area can promote erectile stiffness.In addition,Separate raw and cooked food,Avoid cross contamination.And try to eat less food prone to pathogenic bacteria,Aquatic products such as screws, shells, crabs, etc.,Cook them thoroughly when you eat them.After eating raw, half raw, soaked in wine, vinegar or salt,Direct consumption is not advisable,Add some vinegar and garlic to sterilize cold dishes.

Open both eyelids with both thumbs,Then rotate and knead,Knead each 20 times clockwise and counterclockwise.It has the effect of eliminating eye pain and improving eyesight.

Beijing Leisure Club: The summer weather is hot,The heat is unbearable,Many people like to wash their feet with cold water,I think this can cool down the heat,It also 上海按摩服务 feels more comfortable.Don’t know,Washing your feet with cold water often in summer will harm your healthWhen no longer young,It will not be strong in short,But a man’s self-confidence prevents a man from shrinking,It’s the same as it is always difficult for children to express their weakness in front of the girl they like.

People on night shifts have a feeling,They do not sleep at night or sleep too late.Even if they sleep for a long time during the day,They still feel irreparable.Why is that

When a gentle massage therapist performs a stimulating massage on the reflex area of the foot,Promote part of the circulatory system and blood flow smoothly,The basic principles of blocking the reflective surface of the original pathological information content are also unified and fully utilized,Therefore, massage on the soles of the feet will display information that has a very shocking health care effect.And this is the real reason why men love foot massage!

The firecrackers on the tenth day of the first lunar month of 2017 will soon be exhausted.Weeping came from the “Pearl River Delta Hospitality Management Center” in Dongguan.“Dongguan Hold On” shouted on Weibo,In the end, it was still no match for the confidence of the Public Security Bureau to combat pornography.