If the massage location is not appropriate,It is very likely to cause very serious health problems,Even if you touch the “dead spots” in some parts of the body, it may be life-threatening.

6.Three-bean soup: Put mung beans, red beans and black beans together to make a soup.It is called “three-bean soup”.Sandou Decoction has the effects of clearing away heat, detoxifying, strengthening the spleen and promoting dampness.Known as a good health care product for children in summer.Decoction method: 10g mung beans, 10g red beans, 10g black beans,Add 600ml of water,Fry 300ml over low heat,Can be consumed with bean soup,Suitable for normal consumption.If you add 20 grams of coix seed to the soup,The effect will be better.4.It is best for women during their menstrual period to prevent sauna bathing.During the menstrual period, women’s body resistance is reduced,When taking a sauna,Cold and hot and several times,Easily cause fever, colds and bacterial infections and seriously endanger women’s physical and mental health

In summer, we can’t neglect the importance of the feet for a short time.The best way to maintain your feet is to wash your feet with warm water every night before going to bed.The water temperature is better than body temperature.The amount of water should be equal to the ankle joint.This can get rid of the acidic products of the foot skin that are aging and bacterial differentiation,Reduce muscle fatigue, soreness and other feelings.The effect of warm water washing feet can also make all the acupuncture points bear the heat,Eliminate foot blockage,Then promote blood circulation throughout the body.

Call your own 24-hour customer service hotline,You make an appointment to arrive at the store,According to your detailed request, the customer service will construct a suitable beauty technician for you to accept the important service (If you are the one).() Ladies’ beauty value is different,The biggest difference between men’s beauty and it is that men value process.Men’s grooming is mainly used for hygiene, leisure and decompression.

Swimming is a very good sport,Can promote heart and lung health.but,It is infected by the virus contaminating the water in the swimming pool,It can cause inflammation and swelling of the throat and conjunctiva of swimmers.Also called “pool fever”.Adenovirus can be excreted through respiratory tract and conjunctival secretions, feces and urine,Spread through air droplets, close contact and fecal mouth,It can also spread through water bodies.therefore,Note the following when swimming in summer:

, Effectively clean the waste in the skin pores and toxins in the human body.  In the whole process of sauna,Under the actual effect of the kinetic energy and high temperature of the red bianstone,People feel a lot of 上海按摩服务 sweating,The body’s endotoxins and waste in the skin pores will be effectively discharged outside the body with sweat.And then achieve the actual effect of detoxification of the body., Smell: use the mellow air of natural healthy flower essence,With water vapor or unique pushing techniques,Through the olfactory organs and the skin’s sensory organs,Reach the nervous system,Hold the physical and emotional gains slowed down,And it can nourish the skin and adjust the mental outlook.

After doing beauty salon care,Activating facial cells can absorb 80%,Like watering flowers,Water often,I have to loosen the soil,This way it can be absorbed better,So home care and beauty salon care are inseparable

Due to busy work,Office workers lack sleep.Some office workers sometimes sleep for two to three hours a day,So they won’t feel any discomfort after so long,But their bodies get 上海按摩 tired.Today’s editorial will show you the dangers of insufficient sleep,And remind you that it is time to make up for it.

A professional gave a detailed introduction to the heavy case No. 37 (),Before this,The “Lihai Mingmen Club Team” is familiar with the “Jingyi Mingmenhui”,Because of its “bikini show”,It was once called “the nightclub with the largest Taiwan fee in Beijing.”