The feet are at the bottom of the body,Toxic substances such as creatinine crystals in the serum will accumulate in the ankle,Not conducive to health and safety.Through the instep massage,It can reduce the toxic substances that accumulate in the ankle,And exuded through sweat and urine,Good for oneself.

Sugar research shows thatThe ability of middle-aged and elderly people to adapt to sugar is weakened,The demand for sugar (starch food) is very strict.Sugar (cereal) accounts for 60%~70% of total calories every day,It is 200~400 grams.The fructose in fruits and honey is not only easy to digest and absorb,And it is not easily converted into fat in the body.It can be called an ideal sugar source for middle-aged and elderly people.4. Drop a small amount of tea tree essential oil in boiling water,Close your eyes and inhale the steam to complete the inhalation,Treat respiratory problems such as blocked nose and acute bronchitis.

We often have some head diseases in our lives,It will also be accompanied by some headaches and dizziness,So do you know how to perform a massage?Below, Beijing Health Club shares head massage health methods,hope this helps

Rub your face when you are tired,Not only is the face comfortable,And bright eyes,Experience refreshing.The effect of rubbing the face is not only due to the relaxation of facial nerve endings and mood muscles,More importantly, it can avoid facial nerve ending inflammation, difficult eye measurement, and prevent fever.The Weizhong point is at the midpoint of the popliteal fossa in the knee.Chinese medicine says,”Believing in the back of the back”,Office workers who have been sitting for a long time and have uncomfortable back and arms with improper posture, or elderly people who often feel back pain,Pressing the Weizhong acupoint often can unblock the blood on the back.When pressing Weizhong acupoint,The strength should be a little sore,One pressing and one loosening is 1 time,Generally, it can be 上海按摩服务 pressed continuously for about 20 times.It’s worth reminding that Beijing Men’s ClubLow back pain caused by kidney deficiency should still be based on kidney.

8.Choose the exercise time.Exercise in the afternoon is the best time to help sleep,Regular physical exercise can improve the quality of sleep at night.

For example, moisturizers or sunscreens are all very good choices.You can immediately drop the formulated single essential oil into the moisturizing lotion bottle,Apply every day afterwards.But it must be noted thatAs far as possible, carry out the promotion work according to “very few times”,It is not necessary to mix a sufficient amount of moisturizing lotion for one year into single essential oils at once.When doing SPA,To get out of distractions,Calm down.In many SPA venues,Have placed the thought room,For 上海按摩会所 the sisters to relax.

Let your feet soak in the bathtub already added with essential oils,Make blood circulate from the soles of the feet,Then immerse yourself in hot water at 35-40 degrees Celsius, with bath oil, essential oil or bath salt added,Take a deep breath,And quietly rub every inch of skin,Through the senses of smell and touch, relax cells are affected.At this time, you can put on a moisturizing mask on your face,By the introduction of steam,Let nutrition go deeper.

You can massage with the thumb on the other side,You can also pinch the skin of Hegu point with three fingers,Operate anytime, anywhere.The intensity can be greater,There are no side effects and dangers.To feel soreness and tolerate it.

After going through the essential oil spa,It can reasonably promote the digestion, absorption and metabolism of belly fat,Cause the abdominal cavity to generate heat,Help consume unnecessary body fat deposited on the abdomen,Coupled with suitable massage techniques,Can make the waist muscles firmer.