News on October 4 Former Tottenham coach Sherwood talked 上海按摩服务 about Ali in an interview with Sky Sports recently.Sherwood said,Mourinho’s treatment of Ali was wrong,And when Mourinho was coaching at Chelsea,He also encountered this problem when dealing with Salah and De Bruyne.

Sherwood mentioned:“Mourinho obviously doesn’t like Ali’s performance in training.But only when the time comes,Ali will leave Tottenham.”

“Ali is a young player with a strong personality.He played in more than 100 low-level league games before coming to the Premier League.”

“Spurs originally spent 5 million pounds to introduce Ali,And one year after joining Tottenham,Ali was selected for the England national team,He was worth more than 25 million pounds at the time.And I don’t know what his current worth is.”

“I think Ali is still a good player,All he 上海按摩 has to do now is to try to prove that the coach’s view of him is wrong.”

“Mourinho is not always able to tap the potential of his players.When coaching at Chelsea,He did not tap the potential of Salah and De Bruyne,I think Ali is in the same situation now.”

“Sending Ali to a top club like Paris should be the last consideration for Tottenham.I think as long as Ali finds his status,Kick in the right place,He will still be an excellent shooter,Ali is tall and big,He was very positive,He has not yet become a bad player,And all he has to do is to cheer up,Get back on track.”