As the core midfielder of Manchester City,De Bruyne has always been the absolute core of Guardiola’s tactical system.For the male protagonist who looks exactly like “The Adventures of Tintin”,De Bruyne is also affectionately called by fans“Tintin”.no doubt,De Bruyne is currently one of the best midfielders in the world.There may not even be one,Not only has a huge role on the offensive end,At the same time, De Bruyne also has first-class pressing ability,It can be said that De Bruyne is currentlyPremier LeagueThe best offensive midfielder.

De Bruyne looks exactly like Tintin

  Why is De Bruyne called Tintin

  Why is De Bruyne called Tintin,This is actually very easy to explain,It can be seen from De Bruyne’s appearance.De Bruyne’s appearance is very similar to that of the hero of the best-selling comic “The Adventures of Tintin”,They even have the same hairstyle and color,Even De Bruyne’s expression is sometimes very similar to Tintin.So the fans are kindly called De Bruyne“Tintin”.

De Bruyne is one of the best midfielders in the world today

  What level of De Bruyne

  De Bruyne is definitely the top midfielder in the world.His long pass has the meaning of Beckham back then.Many fans have always said that De Bruyne has a God’s perspective.At the same time, his passing accuracy is amazing.Many fans believe that De Bruyne is the world’s number one midfielder.He is currently recognizedManchester CityThe best player in the team,It’s Manchester City’s brain.

De Bruyne is the best offensive midfielder

  To say what level De Bruyne is,It’s better to see the best comments from fellow practitioners,Manchester UnitedFamous star Gary Neville once commented on De Bruyne that he is a combination of Scholes and Beckham.Both shooting technique and long pass technique have reached the pinnacle.

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