September 5 News Spanish midfielder Thiago attended the pre-match press conference with Ukraine,

First of all, I hope you will evaluate your current competitive state,Do you think you are in the best state of your career now?And what do you think of the outside world’s evaluation of your partner Busquets?

Overall, the past season has been very good,I won all the championships in Bayern,And my own performance is also good,But I think I still have something to learn,Always get better,Whether it’s learning from new teammates or old teammates.

And one of the most important people,Is Busquets,As the coach just said,We have a very good relationship,I have a reaction to his performance on the court,His leadership of the team.Everyone has their own highlight moment,But Busquets’ achievements,His resume,I think it is the greatest of all midfielders in the world.So I think,Any midfielder should learn from Busquets.

Two questions,The first is about your current state,The second is about Messi,Messi announced yesterday that he would stay in the team,What do you think of as a former Barcelona player?

I think my current state is indeed the best state,Plus, just won the Champions League in Lisbon.But I think my performance will be better next year,I think I can continue to improve,This is my view all along.

For the second question,I think a good decision for the club is a good decision.It is very important for players like Messi to stay in any team.I think Messi’s stay is the best choice for Barcelona.

Still about Messi’s topic,After Messi announced yesterday that he would stay in the team,Have you watched his interview?Do you think his explanation,In other words, I don’t want to go to court with Barcelona,What do you think of this explanation?

Messi and I were teammates,Have also been opponents,Of course we also watched Messi’s interview,As a player like Messi,There is no doubt about his influence.For his decision,I feel nothing,Just respect,Because this is his own decision,I respect the decisions of others,He and I are not in the same club,I respect his choice.

We know everyone is talking about Fati now,In fact, you were the same back then,When you won the European Youth Championship in U21,Scored a hat trick,Do you see yourself in him?

(Laughs) I am really reminded of that year.But I think Fati is really special,Not only his ability,His character,I think what surprised me more was his calmness and accuracy in making decisions.Many of his choices are correct,This is rare for peers.

Bayern coach Flick said,You have decided to go,Now they all point to you going to the Premier League,Can you talk about the reasons behind this decision?

(Turns to ask the press officer) Bayern officials announced it?(The press officer denies) Let me clarify here,I did not at any time,I said I’m leaving on any occasion,My future is now tomorrow’s match against Ukraine,I don’t want to talk about it now,This matter is not important.For the national team,It’s not good for teammates.

Ter Stegen said in an interview,If you let me sign a player,I will sign Thiago,What do you think?

It’s an honour,Because Ter Stegen is a great goalkeeper.But I am not the manager or supervisor of any club,So I have nothing to say.of course,I have the best teammates around Bayern all these years.