September 2 News Juventus star Tacinadi previously accepted an exclusive interview with “All Juventus”,In the interview, he talked about Suarez, Dybala, Rabio and Bernardeschi.Tacinadi said,Pirlo is very suitable to coach Juventus,He brought something new to the team.Tacinadi also said,Compared to Zheke,He thinks Suarez is a better choice for Juventus.

You said before that Juventus ended an old cycle,Previously, Juventus fired Sarri and made Pirlo head coach.Do you think Pirlo is the right candidate for Juventus coach?

“From my perspective,Yes,Pirlo brought a whole new feel to Juventus,His current idea is to let certain players in the team leave,And make the team full of vitality again.”

“I think for Juventus,Now is the best time to make changes,of course,Juventus is also determined to let Pirlo be the coach.And now,People have high expectations for Pirlo.”

“People are looking forward to which stars Pirlo will sign for Juventus from the transfer market.And what kind of formation Pirlo would use,And how he will use the existing players.”

“I think Pirlo’s luck is very good,Because he has room to make mistakes,Only in this way,Only Pirlo can learn new things and accumulate experience.”

Pirlo wants to update Juventus’ lineup,But he is also examining the two players Suarez and Dzeko,Do you think for Juventus,Is it appropriate to introduce these two senior players?

“I think in terms of introducing forwards,Juventus should not gamble on the transfer market.Juventus needs to bring in a forward who can maintain stable firepower every season.”

“Only in this way,Juventus can take risks in other positions,For the team,Introducing a forward who can score 20 goals in a single season is definitely a good deal.”

“Moise Keane was the team’s fourth forward when he played for Juventus.But he did not perform well at the time,And I think Juventus should strengthen the striker.”


Igor Tudor had previously joined Juventus’ coaching staff.What is your opinion on this?

“I think recruiting Tudor is the right choice,He is a coach with extensive experience,Tudor has experience coaching Serie A.”

“So I think he can help Juventus and Pirlo,Coaching Juventus means a lot of pressure.The coach can only speak with the results.”

If you make a choice,Do you prefer Juventus to sign Suarez or Dzeko?

“We still don’t know how Pirlo will lead the team,Whenever we talk about how Pirlo will line up,I want to laugh.”

“Because we haven’t seen Pirlo coach,But from my personal point of view,I also hope that Juventus will introduce Suarez,Because Suarez’s technique is better.”

“If Juventus wants to dominate the game,Then they need more skilled players.”

If Suarez joins,He will form a trident with Dybala and Ronaldo,What is your opinion on this?

“I am skeptical of such a combination of strikers,Those who know Dybala know,If Dybala moves on the right,He can only play 70% of his ability,Allegri once tried to get Dybala to play on the right.”

“But then Allegri even put Dybala on the bench,Sarri also let Dybala play on the right.And Dybala played that role in the Argentine national team.”

“Dybala didn’t perform very well when he was active on the right.It’s like you put Totti or Piero on the left,Players can’t perform their best in a position that is not suitable for them.Definitely.”

“I think Dybala’s position is between the center forward and the second forward.But when he is in that position,He obviously performed better.”

“Dybala can adapt to a 3-4-3 formation,He can play left midfielder or left forward in that formation,Just like when he was in Palermo before,If Dybala can move in the right place,He can score at least 20 goals every season.”


You have said before that Rabio is an overrated player,Do you still think so?Rabiot did well in the final stages of last season

“Yes,In the past month,Rabiot gradually recovered his form,In the case of low competition intensity,He behaved very well,But in the fierce competition,Rabiot was struggling.”

“This is the fact,Rabio is a very good player,He will continue to grow,But he still has a lot to improve,I hope Rabiot can show a more stable performance.”

“I also hope that he can be tougher,Juventus’s midfielders are all struggling,If Rabiot can make progress,Then Juve’s midfielder will get better.”


Who do you think can promote Juventus’ midfield performance?Is it Artur?

“I am not sure now,Artur didn’t play much in Barcelona before.He is still under observation,We also need to look at his performance in Serie A.”

“Everything now is just hypothesis.But Juventus does need a midfielder with leadership skills.”

Speaking of French players,What do you think of Avar in Lyon?

“From my personal point of view,Juventus should sign Avar immediately,Because I think he is a very good player,He is very competitive,He can find the goal immediately,I admire Avar.”

There is news that Juventus intends to change Bernardeschi to play full-back.Just like Zambrotta before,What is your opinion on this?

“I like Bernardeschi very much,I think he is a very talented player,But when I saw that he could not cash in his talent,I feel sorry for him.”

“Zambrotta is a very good player,He has fulfilled his talents in different positions,I hope Bernardeschi can do the same.”

“He didn’t get enough playing time last season,I think he is a very valuable player,Juventus must make better use of Bernardeschi’s value.”